PODCAST: Working at a crypto exchange amid the bear market, Gracy Chen of Bitget

Key Takeaways

Gracy Chen, managing director at cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, joins the CoinJournal podcast
Bitget has not only avoided layoffs, but are hiring
Chen talks about her journey into crypto, the bear market, the future and more

It’s been a turbulent last year or so for crypto.

Then industry has contracted massively following the bull market hysteria during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. Layoffs have besieged the space, with the macro climate turning bearish alongside some crypto-native scandals to make matters worse.

But it’s not all bad. I spoke with Gracy Chen, Managing Director of crypto exchange Bitget, who not only has avoided layoffs, but is actually hiring.

We chatted about her unusual journey into crypto – something I always find interesting – as well as the expansion of Bitget, with it only being launched in 2018. Chen also delved into what has helped them avoid layoffs, with a relatively lean team of employees to begin with, especially compared to some other exchanges.

Of course, it is difficult to talk about crypto and not mention some of the headwinds that have struck the industry over the last year or so. We talk through the FTX collapse, the falling volume and prices in the space, and all the rest of the bear market challenges.

Chen has been vocal on Twitter about her bullishness of Bitcoin, something I could not resist asking her about. I won’t spoil it here, but she gives a prediction on the Bitcoin price in ten months time. Price predictions are something that many guests are reluctant to do, so hat tip for the bravery!

All in all, Chen has had a very intriguing journey through crypto, and in working at Bitget, is in the heart of the storm. It was fun chatting to her about her story and getting her take on the bear market, the future of crypto, and her insight into Bitget. We’ll make sure to get her on again!

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